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The Place

A friendly, community focused gym overlooking Cleveleys high street. Fitness Emporium is more than just a gym. Members of all age, gender and backgrounds are welcomed and catered for. Contact us

The Owner

Geoff Hargreaves has over 10 years experience as a top level competitive athlete. One of his most notable achievements is the “Mr Universe” title. Geoff has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with all members and offers one to one/group personal training.

The Equipment

Fitness Emporium is equipped and designed to encompass all your training needs. This is done through designated fitness areas, cardio equipment, customised machines, free weight areas and KO8/TRX resistance training bands.



Fitness Emporium offers various memberships for all needs


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“On the Fitness Emporium shelves you will only find the best quality supplements that I feel are good enough for my body” - Geoff Hargreaves

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Pre-workout Drinks

Take prior to training to enhance your training experience. Feel stronger, more stamina and a great pump. What’s not to like!

Price £1.00 to £1.50


Post workout drinks

Always containing protein sometimes (simple) carbohydrates depending on your goals. Either way essential to maximising results from all that hard work you have done training.

Price £1.00 to £2.00


Protein and Weight Gain Powders

With a 4 blend of timed released protein, the flavours have been devised in Italy and it shows! Toffee-pudding, lemon meringue, double chocolate mousse, vanilla-coconut and raspberry ripple ice cream. All low in sugars and fats these can be taken any time of day to aid in weight loss and toning. Weight gain powders are also available. The shakes that taste so good you will want to take them!

Protein powder £40 for 70 servings
Weight gain powder £45 for 90 servings

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Found naturally in foods. Branch chain amino acids are the most abundant in muscle cells. Taken around training they can help with muscle recovery and growth. Taken prior to cardio they have also now been shown to increase the fat burning and so reduction process. Win-win!

Price £20 for 240 capsules.



Taken at night before bed. GH REM is a sleep optimiser. By enhancing the body’s rem sleep capabilities it will allow for release of a natural hormone in the body that will aid recovery and muscle repair and growth after training.

Price £30



(4 blend creatine for better absorption and effectiveness)

Found naturally in foods. Shown to increase muscle strength and size if taken adequately.

Price £20 for 240 capsules

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Supplement Bars

A variety of energy/protein bars are available as a pre/post work out snack or a healthy any time snack that you can conveniently take with you anywhere and have any time to meet your desired nutrient requirements.

Price £1 to £2.50

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All of these…

and other supplements are available to Fitness Emporium members and none members. Come in for expert advice on exactly when and how to use them effectively to get the most out of your training regime.


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